The Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center was re-accredited in 2011 by both the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) and The Samaritan Institute, ensuring the community that the Center is meeting and surpassing professional standards for quality care.

The Center was deemed to be among the top tier of Pastoral Counseling Centers on nationally benchmarked standards of quality related to our: organizational structure, board of directors, personnel, services, finances, facilities, administration, and program accountability. A commitment to continuous quality improvement is the core of these standards.

The AAPC is an international organization that establishes standards for training and supervision in pastoral counseling, which lead to certification of people for competent practice as pastoral counselors and to accreditation of institutions which provide counseling services and education. Click here to go to the AAPC website. The Center continues to be proud that in 2006 the Center received the AAPC’s Distinguished Program Leadership Award!

The Samaritan Institute of Denver, CO, operates as a trade association for pastoral counseling centers, providing administrative, consultative, educational, and organizational services to its affiliated centers. The Center looks to its affiliation with The Samaritan Institute as a source of continuing collegial connection and organizational consultation and support.