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We are preparing a large, customized mailing to help raise funds for mental health counseling and education for women and girls through the 2019 Women Helping Women luncheon. We are grateful for any about of time you can give!

New year, new classes – read our January newsletter here!

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New Class: Dying Well, Exploring the Spirituality of Dying

Dying Well Course

Through our stories and experiences we can find purpose, meaning and our life’s legacy to transform our spiritual existence to the end to make death a purely sacred process. This class is designed to create a sense of community and to engage on a deep personal level to talk about dying. Open to any faith or non-faith. Learn more:  dmpcc.org/dyingwell

New Class: Time to Retire or Rewire: A Support Group for Career Women Considering “Retirement”

Women of the Baby Boomer generation are entering new territory. More women of this generation have had careers outside the home than in any previous generation. As these women reach the traditional age of “retirement,” they have questions, concerns and dilemmas, but few role models. In this support group for career women, we will begin to identify the next steps in our life’s journeys, whether its “retirement,” “rewirement,” or something yet to be defined. This class is part of the Center’s Redefining Aging Initiative.

YOU changed lives in 2018 – Highlights

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Career Opportunity: Full-time Adult Therapist

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