2019 Annual Report

We gratefully acknowledge and thank all who so kindly contributed to the Center in 2019. This generosity brings hope and healing to children, teens and adults in need of high quality mental health services.

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VISIONARIES ($45,000+)
Prairie Meadows

CHAMPIONS ($25,000 – $44,999)
Fred Maytag Family Foundation

DEFENDERS ($10,000 – $24,999)
American Enterprise Group
Mary and Doug Bruce
Carlson Family Foundation
Doug A. Fick
Mary Gottschalk and Kent Zimmerman
Sally Wood
PATRONS ($5,000 – $9,999)
Hugh Gottschalk
The Grainger Foundation
Susan and Bill Knapp
Polk County Board of Supervisors
Kay and Bob Riley
The West Bancorporation Foundation, Inc.
Wells Fargo

HEALERS ($2,500 – $4,999)
Aureon Consulting
Pamela Bass-Bookey and Harry Bookey
BWA Foundation
Cultivating Compassion: The Dr. Richard Deming Foundation
Sharon Goldford
Sally and Tom Graf
Trudy Holman Hurd
Charlotte and Fred Hubbell
The IMT Group
Dianne and Roger Jones
Plymouth Congregational UCC
Mary M. Riche
Rotary Club AM
Ernest and Florence Sargent Family Foundation
Susan and Carl Voss
Marti Wade
West Bank
Whitfield and Eddy Law
Kathleen and Larry Zimpleman

NURTURERS ($1,000 – $2,499)
Linda and Bob Anderson
B & G Foods
Bank of America
Dr. Barbara Beatty
Elizabeth Burmeister
Laura Coder-Olsen and Buck Olsen
Patty and Jim Cownie
Des Moines University
Easter Family Fund
Kathy and William Fehrman
Jann Freed and John Fisher
Judith and Marshall Flapan
Ann Flood
Foster Group, Inc.
Barbara and Michael Gartner
Gateway Market
Beth and Stephen Gaul
Janet and Gary Goodhall
Elizabeth Goodwin
Jeannine and John Hayes
Sarah and Jim Hayes
Starr and Harry Hinrichs
Ann and Thomas Holme
Debbie and Michael Hubbell
Ellen and James Hubbell
Rusty Hubbell
The Iowa Clinic Women’s Center
Iowa Foundation for Education, Environment, and the Arts
Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines
Kate and Andy Juelfs
Linda and Tom Koehn
Virginia and Nix Lauridsen
Janet Linn
Nancy Main
Steve Marquardt
LaDonna Matthes
Meredith Corporation
MidAmerican Energy Company
Karla and Mark Minear
Brenda Mouw
D.J. Newlin
William and Pauline Niebur
Jill Oman
Lynsey Oster
Mary and John Pappajohn
Stephanie Pearl
Shirley Poertner
Deb and Bob Pulver Foundation
Iowa Radiology
Kelle Rolfes
Janis Ruan
Salon Spa W
Jackie Saunders and Cecil Goettsch
David Shaw
Drs. Rebecca and Robert Shaw
Silver Fox
Rachel Stauffer
Kathy and Ted Stuart
Mary H. Stuart and David Yepsen
Nanette D. Stubbs
Marsha Ternus
The Viking Foundation of Lincoln
Rhonda and Joe Watton
Connie Wimer
Zanzibars Coffee Adventure

ADVOCATES ($500 – $999)
Susan and Mark Ackelson
Larry and Linda Anderson
Sandra L. and Rev. Paul R. Axness
Mollie and Britt Baker
Janet and Charles Betts
Carol Bodensteiner
Margaret and Arden Borgen
Central Presbyterian Church
Beth and Tim Coonan
Davis Brown Law Firm
Marsha and Ellery Duke
David J. Egleston
Carrie and Jeff Fleming
Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.
Rosalie Gallagher
Renee Hardman
Lori and Larry Hartsook
Jody and Thomas Herman
Trudie and Hal Higgs
Dixie Hoekman
Joanie and Dan Houston
Anne M. and E.J. Kelly
Mary Kramer
Kristen and Joseph Lee
Jennie Legates and Fritz Wehrenberg
Jennifer Lock Oman
Judy McCoy Davis
Rachel and Bill McDonough
Matt Meline
Robyn Mills
Diane Morain
Barbara and Dan Mueller
Barb and Andy Nish
Beth Nyguard
Jeanne and Jim O’Halloran
Rep. Jo Oldson and Brice Oakley
Muriel and Jim Pemble
Dr. Michael and Ann Richards
Dawn and Steve Roberts
Lita and David Sagula
Patrice Sayre
Melanie Scupham
Randal and John Stern
Hallie Still-Caris
Aundrea Suntken
The Graham Group
University Dental
Bob and Karen Unrau
Toni and Tim Urban
Teresa Van Vleet-Danos
Veridian Credit Union
Dr. Teri Wahlig
Margi Weiss
Willis Auto Campus
Dr. Judy Winkelpleck

SUPPORTERS ($250 – $499)
Judith Akre
Rep. Marti Anderson and Bob Brammer
Anonymous (2)
Becky Anthony
Stephanie Asklof
Barbara and John Bachman
Connie Beasley
Kristen Benge
Christine Bening
“Sandy Benson Johnson,
Benson Family Foundation”
Jan and Frank Berlin
Kathryn and Tom Bernau
Beth and David Bishop
Christie and Bob Boesen
Connie and Ted Boesen
Meredith and J.R. Boesen
Nancy Bone
Michelle Book and Woody Brenton
Mary Boote Roth
Katie Bradshaw
Annie and Matt Brandt
Phyllis and Richard Cacciatore
Kevin and Julie Carroll
Casey’s General Stores, Inc.
LaNae and Joe Ceryanec
Joyce Chapman
Nancy and Gordon Cheeseman
Sue Clark
David and Alicia Claypool
Renee Clippert
Margaret-Ann and Joseph Comito
Julie Ann and Michael Connolly
Cynde Cronin
Cathy Crowley
Delores Davis
Amy and Tom Donnelly
Richard and Cris Douglass
Margaret and Kevin Doyle
Michael Egel
Karen Engman
Denise Essman
Theresa and Mark Feldmann
First Christian Church
First United Methodist Church
Fran Fleck
Jim and Allison Fleming
Jessica Giesinger
Kathy and Scott Giles
Shawna and Paul Gisi
Debbie Gitchell
Diane Glass and J. Jeffrey Means
Linda Goeldner
Judith Goodwin
Barbara Graham
Bonnie Green
Malinda Wiesner Hammerstrom
Dr. William and Lynn Heggen
Cara and Kurt Heiden
Barbara and Doug Hein
Michelle Hogan
Bev and Michael Hutney
Connie and Isaacson
Andrea James
Martha James and Michael Myszewski
Linda L. Jennings
Maureen Keehnle
Onnalee Kelley
Holly Kluever
Wendy Kriegshauser
Mary F. and Charles Kunkel
Marla Lacey
Patricia and Tom Larson
Martha and Christine Lebron-Dykeman
Caroline Levine
Christine Lewis
Marian and Ivan Lyddon
Sharon and Susan Malheiro
Robbie and Rick Malm
Cyril and John Mandelbaum
Drs. Kate and Doug Massop
Diane and Arthur McClanahan
Claudette and Patrick J McDonald
Andrea and Dan McGuire
Cathy McMullen
Jan and John Mechem
Ann Michelson
The Middleton Family
Lisa Minear
Jana Montgomery
Debra Moore and Donn Stanley
Christin Murphy
Kurt Ness
Liz and Rick Neumann
Dawn Connet and Greg Nichols
Roy and Mary Nilsen
Charlotte and James Noble
Jackie and John Norris
Cynthia O’Brien
Noreen O’Shea and Thomas Benzoni
Sen. Janet Petersen and Brian Pattinson
Donna Paulsen and Tom Press
Gail Pearl
Sally Pederson and Jim Autry
Allison and Timothy Peet
Deanna Questad, M.D.
Kurt and Lynette Rasmussen
Kathy Reardon
Dennis Rhodes and Mary Kay Shanley
Maureen Roach Tobin and Terry Tobin
Susy Robinette
Helen Robinson
Janet and Mark Rosenbury
Katie Roth
Priscilla and David Ruhe
Katherine and Charles Safris
Sam Scheidler
Deb Wiley and John Schmidt
Pam Schoffner
Andrea and Adam Severson
Judy and Larry Sheldon
Marti Sivi
Laurie and Ashley Sloterdyk
Peter Sloterdyk
A. Joyce Smith
Sue and Larry Sonner
Kelly and Kurt Sparks
Terri Mork Speirs and Robert Speirs
Joan Stark
Sheila Starkovich Lingwall
Beth Stelle-Jones
Ellen Strachota
Dr. David and Gail Stubbs
Cheryl Sypal
Joyce and Harold Templeman
Amy Valdes
Sara Van WynGarden
Lisa Veach
Susan Vujnovich-McRoberts
Charlene and Mark Vukovich
Chris Waddle
Sandi and Steve Ward
Marilyn Warling
Linda Weidmaier
Tracy Wheeler
Michele and Steve Whitty
Jean and Bob Williams
Emily Williams-Bouska
Martha Willits
Rena S. Wilson
Dr. Carey Wimer and Dr. Sean Cunningham
Roberta and Reg Yoder
Friends ($100 – $249)
Amazon Smiles Foundation
Terra and Jay Amundson
Anonymous (2)
Beverly Apel
Valoree Armstrong
Doug Aupperle
Michelle Bartusek
Morgan Baumert
Glenys Bittick Lynch
Patricia Boddy and Robert Davis
La Verne and Blaine Briggs Donor Advised Fund at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
Kate Bruns
Rachel Bruns
Kathy Burger
Ellen and John Burnquist
Judith Burns
Paul and Nancy Burrow
Mary and Crom Campbell
Marilyn and Frank Carroll
Eva and David Christiansen
John and Holly Clark
Tari Colby
Patricia and Jay Cramer
Kay Crose
Abbe Davidson
Lori and Tim Diebel
Rachel and Zach Eubank
Ruth Foster
Sarah Frieberg
Shayla and Joel From
Mary Ann and Gene Gardner
Mary Susan and Richard Gibson
Sandra Githens
Suzie Glazer Burt
Eve and Darrell Goodhue
Phyllis Goodman
Mary Helen and David Grace
Mary and Al Gross
Kay Grother
Gary A.T. Guthrie
Happy Medium
Rachel Hardin
Sandra Heagle
Kathleen Heinzel
Jane Hemminger
Rolland Riley and Carol Hibbs
Kelli Hill
Jill Hittner
Keith and Brenda Hobson
Dale and Robert Howe
Alexandra K. Hubbell
Jody Ingersoll
Tessa and Mark Isaacson
Brooke Johnson
David King
Jenna Knox
Pam Koster
Rod Kruse
Carmen Lampe Zeitler and John Zeitler
Angela Loomis
Ali Makris
Margaret Mallgren
Joan Mannheimer
Emily Mendez
M. Ann Mendleson
Rebecca and Brian Metzger
Deb Mitchell
Ann and Alfred Moore
Polly Moore
Cindy Mumm
Dr. Deb Nanda-McCartney
Ellen and Bruce Nelson
Leigh Nelson
Janet O’Brien
Constance Ode
Linda and Gary Ordway
Judy and John Perkins
Ainni Peterson
Susan and Earl Pierce
William and Judy Poland
Donni Popejoy
Jeanette Redman
Martha A. Reno
Dixie Rhiner
Elaina Riley
Audrey and Harlan Rosenberg
Anne Roth
Annette and Randy Roth
Dr. Sandra Ruhs
Linda and Ruben Rullan
Lori Saluri
Kathryn and Mike Sankey
Dr. Craig and Kimberly Shadur
Karen Shaff
Erica Shannon Stueve
Beth Shelton
Meg and Chuck Smith
Amanda Speirs
Jan Stump
Sarah Sullivan and Nicholas Bigelow
Emily Susanin Kessinger
Martha Swanson
Jane Thebo
Mary Van Heukelom
Ann-Charlotte Wade
Cynthia and Kent Wanamaker
Whitney Warne
Emily Webb
Kimberly Weis
West Des Moines Christian Church
Kathryn Wheeler Driscoll
Christy Wilson
Dania Wilson
Andrea Woodard
Barbara and Jon Yankey
Mary Yearns

COMPANIONS (gifts up to $99)
Sophia Ahmad
Mardell and Dean Ahnen
Jodi Allan
Barbara Amend
Kirsten Anderson
Susie and Charlie Anderson
Anonymous (6)
Ed Augustine
Dodie and Wayne Bauman
Tracy Beck
Lisa Beh
Karin Beschen
Jan Blessum
Kirsten Bosch and Jennifer Davis
Heidi and Chad Bowden
Rose Breuss
Anne and Neil Broderick
Mari Bunney
Alison Cate
Deborah Cattoor
Shelley Chambers
Cindy Chicoine
Diane Child
Judith Conlin
Holly Craiger
Cheryl Critelli
Nora Crosthwaite
Jill Curry
Erin Davison-Rippey
Linda Dawe
Dave and Kristi Dawson
Elaine Dekovic
Sheryl DeMouth
Bonnie Dollen
Mary Beth Drey-Buechel
Michelle Durand-Adams
Sarah Egge
Karen Engel
Julie and Bob Fleming
Mary Fox
Mary Funk
Martha Gelhaus and Kevin Pokorny
Patricia Goetz
Patricia J. Goldberg
Betty Gordon
Mary and Randy Gordon
Kimberly Graham
Cheri Grauer
Melissa Gray
Carrie Hansen
Diana Hansen
Jan Hardin
Lois Harms
Jane Hayes Davis
Alice Helle
Barbara and Gordon Hendrickson
Highland Park Christian Church
The Reverend Martha Hill
Cheryl Honkomp
Bridgit Horvatin
Ann Hudson
Sara Hunt
Vickee J. Adams
Megan and Lance Kading
Debra Katzer
Judy Keller
Karen Kellogg
Paige Kennedy and Jason Franzluebbers
Delma Kernan
Mary Ellen and James Kimball
Wendy Knowles
Carlee Konz
Lois and Roger Kriebs
Colleen Lange
Teri Legg
Theresa Lewis
Elaine Lundstrom and David Yurdin
June Malliet
Lynn and Paul Mankins
Michael and Eileen May
Amanda McCauley
Emily McCurdy
Louise and Charles McDonald
Carol and Thomas McGarvey
Michael McNeil
Jill Means
Cheryl Morton
Donna Mueller
Marilyn Mullin
Phyllis Mumford and Kent Sovern
Jessica Nelsen
Anna Marie Nielsen
Guadalupe Nieto
Catherine Olesen
Ann Olsen Schodde and Stephen Schodde
Hannah Olson
Doris and Michael O’Malley
Cheryl and Dennis Pederson
Shelly Pentico
Barbara Reiff
Artis Reis
Grace Rempe
Gail and Gary Rhodes
Deb Richards
Jane and Doug Roul
Sheila Rouse
Barbara Royal
Megan Ruble
Donna Runge
Blair Ryan
Marilyn Sackett
Laura Sands
Barb and Mark Schmidt
Jeanne Schossow
Jill and Jack Schreiber
Bobbi Segura
Susan Seidenfeld
Craig and Kathy Shives
Patsy and John Shors
Diana and Phil Sickles
Carol Sue Smith and Michael Slyby
Chelsea Smith
Barbara and Paul Spong
Kathy Spyksma
Emily Steele
Jan Stegeman
Cynthia Steidl Bishop
Mary Gail Stilwill
Karen and Charles Stockton
JoAnne Talarico, CHM
Ellen Taylor
Reina Toledo
Jill and Derek Trobaugh
Melinda Urick
Peri L. Van Tassel
Robert Vedral
Jan Vogel
Billie Wade
James Waltrip
Marcia and Rick Wanamaker
The Wellmark Foundation
Charyl Sue and Myron White
Dee Willemsen
Katherine Sircy
Chris Wurster
Linda Zastrow
Tom Zimmerman

Gifts in Kind
Business Publications Corp.
Integrity Printing
LaMie Bakery
Connie Wilson Design

Honor Gifts
Gifts were given in honor of: Given by:
Mary Bruce Blair Ryan
Eileen Burtle Janet and Chuck Betts
Eva Christiansen Anonymous
Ellery Duke Beth and Stephen Gaul
Allison and Timothy Peet
Carol Sue Smith and Michael Slyby
Chris Waddle
Hal Higgs Kathryn and Mike Sankey
Mark Minear Anonymous
Barb Nish Ellen and John Burnquist
Kathy Reardon and Ellery Duke Beth and Stephen Gaul
Catherine Olesen
Rebecca Shaw Judith Akre
Gina Skinner Thebo Kirsten Bosch and Jennifer Davis
Susan Voss Patricia Boddy and Robert Davis
Jann Freed and John Fisher
Mary Gottschalk and Kent Zimmerman
Colleen Lange
Robbie and Rick Malm
Rep. Jo Oldson and Brice Oakley
Craig Shadur
Karen Shaff
Laurie and Ashley Sloterdyk
Memorial Gifts
Gifts were given in memory of: Given by:
Raleigh Gilbert Dean Mary Gottschalk and Kent Zimmerman
Mr. Val Gray Mardell and Dean Ahnen
Winnie Hayes John and Jeannine Hayes


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