The Center is accepting new psychiatry patients

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New career opportunity: Director of Leadership and Spiritual Life

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Meet the Center’s newest counselor, and more in our January newsletter

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Thank you for a fantastic 2019!

Serving the community with excellence, and training new counselors

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Our graduate students increase the Center’s capacity to provide high quality counseling services, at a low-cost and with no waiting list. To schedule an appointment with Emily Yen or Erin Moskal (photo), please click intake form and indicate that you would like to seek services from one of our graduate students. Learn more about their training and supervision here.


We are now happy and proud to be listed on GIVEdsm, a community-wide platform that highlights Central Iowa charities! We are proud to be included in such a caring and generous city. Click image to check out listing. Thank you!

Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group

Every Third Tuesday of every month / 7 – 8:30 PM
No need to register. No cost.
A support group for survivors of suicide loss, no matter how long ago your loss occurred. This is offered at no cost with thanks to community support.

 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction™ (MBSR™)

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Although stress is at the cause of many physical illnesses and psychological disorders, it is not often diagnosed or treated at the root level. There are very few resources that effectively treat stress as a condition. MBSR™ is an 8-week intensive course, backed by 38 years of research, proven to reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Utilizing curriculum developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD at UMASS Center for Mindfulness, this non-clinical (i.e. not group therapy) course is designed to teach mind-body awareness, recognize and put to use our inner psychological resources to respond to toxic stress, increase stress hardiness, focus, creativity, regulate emotions, and allow a greater sense of self-care and well-being.  Read more and register here…


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