All PrairieFire Event for Graduates, Participants and Staff

Hold the Date!  October 3rd is set as the new date for the AllPrairieFire event at Neil Smith Prairie Learning Center.  The registration link will be reopened this summer.  Registrations that have already been received will be applied to the new date.  If you are unable to participate on October 3rd and would like a refund, please contact Diane McClanahan at (You may also consider donating your refund to the PrairieFire Scholarship Fund)

Saturday, October 3, 2020
Neal Smith Prairie Learning Center
9981 Pacific St, Prairie City, IA 50228-7820

Why Gather?
• To tend the spark that was lit during PrairieFire experience
• To nourish the soul work we’ve engaged
• To connect with fellow pilgrims and crosspollinate across cohorts
• To fertilize and plant seeds for future growth

The Day will include time for personal reflection in the Prairie, sharing with one another, and enjoying a meal together. Dress comfortably!

Fee: $25

Gifts to the PrairieFire Fund are greatly appreciated!
Feel free to donate at the event as well!


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