A culture of learning, August – September 2019

September 16, 2019 – One of the Center’s operating principles is cultivating a culture of learning. Who are the students? We all are! Staff, clients, board, community. The following photos offer a small snapshot into recent opportunities for professional growth, which we believe translates to better service to our clients.


Three of the Center’s team of ten psychologists, Dr. Scott Young, Dr. Shannon Welch-Groves, and Dr. Eva Christiansen, present at the Center’s board of directors, answering many questions including: What exactly does a psychologist do?


One Iowa provides LGBTQ Safe Zone designation training to the Center’s clinicians and administrators. This training was made possible through a generosity of a Center donor.


Dr. Geoffrey Hills, psychiatrist, provides a consultation to the Center’s staff on the neurology of dementia and care for clients. The Center’s psychiatry team presents to the staff on a monthly basis.

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