EMDR Certification with Susan Arland, LMHC





The EMDRIA Certification process allows for a clinician to develop a more in-depth understanding of EMDR, case conceptualization, treatment planning and the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) Model. Through an additional 10 hours of Group Consultation and 10 hours of Individual Consultation, the clinician masters the 8 phases of EMDR treatment and the standard protocol. In a supportive environment, cases are presented, leading to rich dialogue and learning of this often complex therapy. Adaptations for children, Interweaves and clinical choice points will be addressed. The clinician has the opportunity to integrate this approach with their already existing fund of knowledge and to develop a sense of smoothness in their work. For the treatment of specific problem areas, additional protocols and resources will be shared.




Clinicians who have completed EMDR basic training


2nd Tuesday of the Month, 11:30am-1:30pm,  4/14, 5/12, 6/9, 7/7, 8/11, 9/8, 10/13, 2020


Group Sessions: $50/2-hour group / Individual Sessions: $100/hour


Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center / 8553 Urbandale Ave, Urbandale, IA


Pre-registration is required. Register by calling Susan Arland at 515-251-6656 or email: sarland@dmpcc.org. Consultation is offered face-to-face, through conference call or Zoom.
Susan Arland, LMHC, completed her EMDR basic training with Dr. Francine Shapiro in 1998. She became an Approved Consultant with EMDRIA in 2008 and has served as a consultant for EMDR basic trainings with the EMDR Institute, and now with Trauma Recovery/Humanitarian Assistance Program and EMDR Consulting, Inc. She uses this approach in her full-time practice with anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationships,addictions, grief and loss, attachment and abuse issues. . Additionally, she uses EMDR for performance enhancement. Susan works with first responders, dispatchers, police and firefighters, providing EMDR treatment to heal the multiple traumas they have endured.She has found EMDR to integrate well with other approaches to therapy.

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