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David Vogel, Ph.D.

Dr. David Vogel, Iowa State University

David L. Vogel is a professor in the department of psychology at Iowa State University (ISU), a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (APA), and a licensed psychologist in the State of Iowa. He is the Director of the ISU Interdisciplinary Communication Studies program. He has published 120 journal articles and book chapters and has given over 100 national conference presentations. His professional interests focus on areas that are important for the study of men and masculinities including the emotional stereotyping of men, the stereotyping of gay men and individuals of color, help-seeking stigma, communication patterns in interpersonal relationships, and the consequences of conforming or not conforming to masculine roles.


Patrick Heath, M.S.

Patrick Heath, M.S., Iowa State University

Patrick Heath is a doctoral candidate in counseling psychology at Iowa State University. His research focuses on men’s psychological help-seeking behavior, and social and cultural factors that contribute to some men’s reluctance to seek psychological help. This work predominantly focuses on masculine gender role socialization and mental health stigma. He has also recently begun to assess the potential for self-compassion to reduce stigma and promote help-seeking behavior.

Patrick has been awarded the 2019 Zaffarano Prize for Graduate Student Research.



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