Community Engagement / Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau:
Presentations for Adult Education Programs, Singles Groups, and Stephen Ministry Programs

The Speakers Bureau of the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center offers presentations on mental, emotional, and spiritual health topics presented in seminar style by Center staff. It is helpful to schedule months in advance to ensure the date you want will be available. With a few exceptions, there is typically no fee for this service, however, a contribution to the Center’s Counseling Assistance Fund is encouraged. The presentations vary in length from 1 to 2 hours, although the length of the program can be negotiated. If an extended program is desired, a fee will be negotiated. A list of suggested topics follows. Any topic can be amended to fit your needs. Contact Diane McClanahan at the Center, (515) 274-4006 or



  • Building Self-Esteem in Children
  • Beyond Time Out
  • A Father’s Role in Child Development
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Grief In Children
  • Proactive Parenting
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Identification and Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders
  • Understanding and Communicating With Your Teen


  • Caring for Aging Parents
  • How to Enrich, Nurture, and Sustain Your Marriage
  • Understanding Male and Female Communication Styles
  • Family Issues in Chemical Dependency
  • Traits of a Healthy Family
  • Domestic Violence and Families


  • Improving Basic Skills: How to Talk/How to Listen
  • Mediation: Resolving Disputes Peacefully
  • Dad: A Son’s Road Map
  • A Father’s Love, A Daughter’s Power

Emotional Health

  • The Nature and Practice of Helping Others
  • Adjusting to a Significant Loss
  • Keeping the Balance
  • “What’s a Man To Do?” The Rules Have Changed: Male/Female Roles
  • Making Sense of Life’s Changes (Transitions)
  • Work and Worth: What happens when you lose your job?

Spiritual Health

  • Exercises for Spiritual Health
  • The Art and Practice of Forgiveness
  • Spiritual Practices for Busy People
  • Touching the Holy: Exploring the Ministry of Healing Touch
  • Health as a Spiritual Task
  • Writing: A Way of Praying, Healing, and Celebrating Our Lives
  • A Closer Look at Evil

Military / Veterans

  • Understanding the Returning Veteran
  • Coping with Deployment of a Loved One
  • Reintegration and Military Families