Leadership and Spiritual Life


The Center’s Leadership and Spiritual Life programs offers opportunities for individuals, faith communities, pastors, professionals and others who seek

  • Spiritual Enrichment
  • Professional Development
  • Clergy and Congregational Consultation


For more information, contact Andrea Severson, at aseverson@dmpcc.org for more information.

The Center’s Leadership and Spiritual Life programs and services include:



A two-year renewal program on contemplative spirituality. Open to the community.
For more information, click here.

PrairieFire Practicum

A one year program to train as a spiritual director open to PrairieFire graduates.

Pastoral Care Specialist Program

A two-year professional development series on topics related to pastoral care-giving for clergy and congregational leaders. For the most current list of classes, click here.

Suicide Awareness, Prevention and Intervention

One and two-day workshops for clergy, youth leaders, teachers, police, health care providers, parents and others. Ongoing suicide support group – click here.

Workshops for Renewal and Continuing Education

Short term opportunities addressing a variety of topics. Open to the community.

Redefining Aging

A variety of classes and programs centered on living creatively with meaning and purpose. Open to the community.

Intentional Interim Ministry Training

A three-phase training that prepares experienced clergy to work with congregations in transition. For more information, email Andrea Severson at aseverson@dmpcc.org.


Spiritual Direction

For individuals and groups.

Conflict Transformation Services

A service for congregations, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Just as families can develop conflict among their members, persons working closely together can experience tension and/or conflict. Conflict transformation is a dynamic process of helping congregations, non-profit organizations, and businesses come to a better understanding and resolution of problems.

Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT)

For congregations seeking organizational intelligence in order to make better decisions.

Clergy Groups

Professional development and support for clergy. Various relevant topics are explored in a group setting with expert facilitation.

Ethical Boundary Training

For clergy and faith leaders. To learn more, click here.

Clergy Coaching

For individual clergy members. Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center is a resource for clergy who desire confidential consultation regarding leadership, pastoral care and/or other aspects of their ministry, vocational discernment, or professional growth.

Psychological Evaluations

For clergy candidates (Note: Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center also offers a full range of psychological testing, for more information about what we provide, click here)