We offer a full range of psychiatric services treating children, adolescents and adults with mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, attention disorders, thought disorders and more. Our team offers specialized services for cardiac patients, pregnant and post-partum women and is experienced in serving the LGBTQ community.

Our in-house psychiatry team also collaborates with our roster of clinical staff to provide efficient consultation when counseling clients need medication and/or medication adjustments.

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Our psychiatry team:

Geoffrey Hills, D.O. is a psychiatrist who attended medical school at Des Moines University and residency at the University of Wisconsin Madison.  His practice includes treatment of adolescents and adults with mood problems, anxiety and thought disorders.  He has particular interest and experience working with the LGBTQ community and persons living with HIV. Prior to attending medical school, Geoffrey received a B.A. in music at Vassar College and worked for several years as a violinist, composer, music engraver and editor in New York City.  He is an unapologetic science fiction and fantasy geek.

Wenjing (Wendy) Cao, PMHNP-BC received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Ohio State University in 2006. She completed master’s education with her Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner degree from University of Louisville in 2011. Wendy has over six years of nursing experience and has worked as a psychiatric nurse practitioner since 2012. She provided telemedicine service to Dubuque Mental Health Clinic for one year while worked in the community mental health clinic during the pandemic. She treats clients from age five and above. She has experiences in depression, anxiety, mood disorder, psychosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use problems and more.

David E. Drake, D.O., M.T.S., FACN, DLFAPA has over three decades of experience in the broad field of psychiatry and is committed to providing the highest quality of psychiatric services. Board Certified in his field, Dr. Drake has worked in multiple settings including private practice, academics, hospitals, outpatient clinics, Indian reservation, prisons, and jails. Dr. Drake is a Colorado native and attended the Colorado College where he majored in religion and completed pre-medical studies. Before medical school at Des Moines University, Dr. Drake attended The Harvard Divinity School where received the degree of Master of Theological Studies. After his psychiatry residency training at The Menninger School of Psychiatry, Dr. Drake trained extensively in Bowen Family Systems Theory – based on evolution and the perspective of viewing our species as part of nature. He has long had an interest in what gives each individual meaning in their lives and what gets them up each morning. Dr. Drake has been married for 35 plus years and has two adult offspring with one living in Southwestern Colorado and the other outside Washington, D.C. Dr. Drake’s interests include rowing on a mixed-four sweep with a coxswain with Des Moines Rowing, hiking, biking, meditating, and yoga. He serves as a presenter each month at Des Moines Meditation, a Tuesday night sitting group. Dr. Drake works with individuals, couples, and families in providing reflections and information on better management of the challenges that life presents to each of us.


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    Hi I’m checking you guys out for my brother hes in dire need of counseling He recently lost his job of 10 years they thrown away like trash and also my brother my oldest brother committed suicide a few months ago so and I’ve never seen my brother cry at all in these crying all the time he needs some help and he just can’t afford it is always got right now is unemployment What does he need to do like with paperwork so he can go buy a pay scale or something

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