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REACH ~ Resource for Employee Assistance and Confidential Help

Employee Assistance Program for Small to Mid-Sized Companies
(Employee Assessment, Counseling and Consultation)

For more than a decade, the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center has provided employee assistance programs to companies and organizations in the greater Des Moines area. Some of our current clients include Stork Townsend Inc., Des Moines Water Works, and Young Women’s Resource Center.

REACH is the Center’s employee assistance program offered by employers and available for employees and their families.

REACH is a resource offering hope, help, and healing when personal problems and life transitions begin to interfere with job performance and effectiveness in living.

Through REACH, a professionally -credentialed counselor is available to listen and help in the search for solutions.

REACH offers the opportunity to go beyond assessment and begin the process of resolving issues that affect one’s life.

REACH offers a confidential, safe setting when an employee can talk about issues that are limiting their effectiveness at home, on the job, or in relationships.

REACH is confidential. Sessions with a counselor are strictly confidential. Within strict legal limitations, no one will be given any information about a client without their permission. Numbers and types of services provided are the only information made available to the employer.

REACH counselors are professionals. REACH counselors hold masters or doctoral degrees in counseling, psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, child therapy, and other human service fields.

With REACH, problem resolution and healing are enhanced because assessment and treatment are offered by the same counselor.

REACH is a resource employees can use to:

  • Improve self-esteem
  • Resolve marital and family conflict
  • Address parent/child concerns
  • Ease the effects of anxiety or stress
  • Heal from depression
  • Grieve and recover from life’s losses and disappointments
  • Address acute and chronic pain through bioenergetics
  • Explore intimacy issues
  • Understand your anger
  • Heal from abuse and trauma
  • Understand body image / eating disorders
  • Confront addictive behaviors
  • Resolve job-related concerns and find new meaning in your career/vocational life
  • Strengthen your spiritual life
  • Reclaim optimal health, vitality, and well-being

Services Provided to Employees:

The services offered employees include up to six (6) sessions annually per employee, or 12 sessions annually per family. These can be used for:

  1. Evaluation (voluntary or employer mandated) (e.g., mental health, job performance issues).
  2. Short term personal counseling for employee or family member (adult, adolescent, child) (e.g., depression, grief, anxiety, etc.).
  3. Relationship and family counseling (e.g., communication, marital/divorce issues, parenting issues, stepfamily concerns, and elder care questions).
  4. Chemical dependency assessment.
  5. Assessment for legal and financial counseling which would be accessed through referral.
  6. Referral for psychiatric services, chemical dependency, or other specialty treatment referral because of client preference or client insurance coverage.
  7. Critical incident response and debriefing.
  8. Presentations to employee groups on topics related to communication, parenting, depression, anxiety, self image, etc.

Services Provided to the Employer:

  1. Orientation and referral training for supervisors
  2. Consultation with supervisors
  3. Critical incident response and debriefing

Human Resource Consultations

Center staff may be contracted to consult with employers and supervisors regarding work-related issues.

Conflict Management Consultation

Just as families can develop conflict among their members, persons working closely together in a office setting can experience tension and/or conflict. Conflict Management Consultation is a dynamic process of helping staff come to a better understanding and resolution of problems. Human resource personnel or other staff leaders can contact Diane McClanahan at (515) 274-4006 or to arrange a Conflict Management Consultation. Fees vary.

Personal Growth and Development Presentations

As you or groups you attend are planning for the coming program year, please give some thought to the opportunities available at the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center to supplement your planning and/or support your organization’s program needs. The Center has an extensive list of TOPICS (in the areas of communication, emotional health, spiritual health, parenting, and relationships) that our experienced staff members are prepared to present for adult educational programs or tailor to the needs of your group. There is no fee for this service, however, a contribution to the Center’s Counseling Assistance Fund is encouraged. The presentations vary in length from 1 to 2 hours, although the length of the program can be negotiated. If an extended presentation is desired, a fee will be negotiated. Contact Diane McClanahan at (515) 274-4006 or for details. Click here for a list of topics.

Outplacement Counseling and Job Coaching

The Center provides outplacement counseling when companies are forced to downsize or to terminate an employee experiencing job-performance issues. For more information, call Roberta Yoder at (515) 274-4006. Roberta also provides job coaching. She coaches employees either at the request of their employer or when an employee is interested in improving job performance or enhancing job satisfaction.

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