Welcome Sara Miller, our new intern

Sara Miller

Sara Miller

February 3, 2016

Sara Miller is serving as a Leadership and Spiritual Life intern at Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center. Her varied duties include the exploration of pastoral counseling and writing for our newsletter and website. (If you missed her first piece, here’s a link: https://dmpcc.org/class/.) We are thrilled to welcome Sara to the team and offer the following introduction in her own words.

my name is Sara Miller. I am a senior at Simpson College majoring in religion with minors in history and psychology, and I am doing a semester long internship here at Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center.
I want to share a little about my background: My father is a United Methodist minister currently serving at Storm Lake United Methodist Church and my mother is a homemaker who is currently volunteering as the church secretary. I have two sisters one of whom is an art teacher and the other is a librarian. I am engaged to a fellow Simpson student who is studying to be a history teacher and we are getting married in May. Growing up as a pastor’s child was challenging in many ways, but I am grateful to have the experience. I developed a passion for learning about religion and understanding what I can about my faith tradition and other traditions, which lead me to be a religion major at Simpson College.
When I was in high school I knew I was supposed to go into some sort of ministry. I considered being a director at a church camp, a hospital chaplain or a youth minister but I was not sure if these ministries were what I should do. Once I got to college I started taking psychology courses because I knew regardless of what type of ministry I was going to need to have certain skill sets and knowledge that would help me to work with and assist others. I ended up being fascinated by the complex creatures that are human beings and wanted to continue studying psychology. Combining religion and psychology felt right to me and I started looking into pastoral counseling as a result.
This internship at the Center is an incredible opportunity to learn about pastoral counseling and discern whether I am called to this vocation. As part of my internship I hope to interview the pastoral counselors and spiritual directors to better understand the professions and what led them to choose their vocation. I will be writing articles for the Center’s newsletter about the interviews exploring pastoral counseling and spiritual direction. ~


Please watch for more posts by Sara Miller.

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