Thank you to the Viking Foundation of Lincoln

“Young people are the world’s greatest resource.”

Thank you to the Viking Foundation of Lincoln for providing generous, critical support for the children and adolescents who need high quality mental health services and are served through the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center’s C.O.O.L. clinic (Children Overcoming the Obstacles in Life).

The Viking Foundation is guided by a set of core values including “Young people are the world’s greatest resource.” We see that value come alive with the resources made available to help children heal from abuse and trauma, and learn to manage their depression, anxiety and other life challenges.

Since 2012 the Viking Foundation has supported the C.O.O.L. clinic with grants totaling $16,000 — providing critical support to thousands of young people plus their families. Funds have helped C.O.O.L. clinicians to build a premier treatment approach for children in Central Iowa to find hope and healing. Over the years, the Viking Foundation has provided art supplies, therapeutic toys, outdoor play equipment, children’s psychological testing materials, medical technology, clinical training and other accessories needed for COOL’s innovative, experiential approach to treating children and teens.

For more information on the Center’s C.O.O.L. clinic:


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