The Gazette: Prescribing Authority Moves Foward in Iowa

Scott Young, Ph.D.

The Center is proud of our very own Dr. Scott Young, licensed psychologist, for being featured recently in The Gazette regarding one innovative way to address the shortage of psychiatry providers (medication management). Iowa is facing a dire shortage of mental health professional workforce, including a shortage of psychiatry professionals. The Center is pleased to have two on-site medication providers (psychiatrist and psychiatry physician assistant). When Scott obtains his prescribing authority, many more people in our community will be able to access the services they need. Read more here.

The Gazette writes, “Scott Young, a licensed psychologist at Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center, is one mental health professional who plans to obtain prescribing authority. He recently completed his post-doctoral master’s degree in clinical psychopharmacology — from Fairleigh Dickinson University, in Teaneck, N.J. — one of the first steps in the advanced training requirements for psychologists to write the prescriptions.

“The medication piece isn’t my specialty yet, but certainly as a psychologist with a doctoral degree, I have a lot of experience with mental health,” Young said. “I think adding the medication piece makes a great deal of sense.”

Read the full article here.

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