What does a physician assistant do at the Center?

If you’re curious about what happens during an appointment with a Physician Assistant at the Center, take a look at our mini interview with Abigail Schiltz, P.A.-C.  If you’d like to fill out an intake form to begin the process of making an appointment with her, click HERE.



What does PA-C stand for?
• Physician Assistant – Certified

What does ‘Certified’ mean?
• Graduates of an accredited physician assistant program can take the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE) to achieve the PA-C designation and move on to receive a state licensure.

What is a PA-C?
• A physician assistant is a medical professional that can obtain patient histories, diagnose, treat and prescribe medications.

As a physician assistant specializing in psychiatry, I have a passion for treating people with mental illnesses. During an intake visit with me, one can expect a thorough patient history (current symptoms, past psychiatric history, past medication trials, allergies, social history, etc) in order to diagnose and develop treatment strategies and medication plans tailored to each person. I value the approach of treating the whole person while connecting with each individual on a deeper level in order to meet distinct needs and provide the highest quality of care. As a medical professional in psychiatry, I encourage patients to advocate for themselves and ask questions as I value a teamwork approach. Above all, I want each patient to feel comfortable as we work together to find a treatment plan that works best for the patient.

Time spent during visits:
Intake visit = 1 hour
Follow up visit = 30 minutes

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Abigail Schiltz, PA-C

Abigail Schiltz is a Psychiatry Physician Assistant. Abigail received her undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa and completed her graduate degree in Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies from Des Moines University. She recently completed a residency training program in family medicine at the University of Iowa where she found her passion in psychiatry. Her practice includes treatment of male and female patients of all ages with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, attention disorders and thought disorders. Abigail values faith and family and enjoys staying physically active with running and yoga.

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