Congratulations Allison Peet for reaching highest level of MBSR certification

Allison Peet, Certified MBSR Instructor

We are proud to report that Allison Peet, who teaches a popular class at the Center, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) has earned her distinction as a *CERTIFIED* MBSR instructor  — one of the highest levels of training. She is the only Certified MBSR instructor in Des Moines.

Allison’s accomplishment has brought life and joy to hundreds of people in our community. Her excellence is a result of hard work and compassion. Allison’s accomplishment by the numbers:

  • 4 years of dedication and discipline
  • 32 days of silent meditation retreats
  • 600+ teaching hours
  • 20 8-week MBSR™ courses to date
  • 150 graduates of her program
  • 300 professional mindfulness training hours
  • 200 yoga teacher training hours
  • thousands of miles of travel
  • countless hours on the cushion “walking the talk” in her own personal mindfulness practice
  • infinite commitment to helping others learn this life-giving practice

Allison shares this about her milestone: “This moment marks one of my proudest (and most humbling) moments of my life. It is such a privilege to teach this authentic, vulnerable, heartful, compassionate way of living.”

Allison has taught as a qualified MBSR instructor since 2016. Her training and certification is from the Mindfulness Center at Brown University in Providence, Rhode, Island. Brown is a global leader in research and training offering a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction™ (MBSR) teacher training track towards becoming an MBSR Teacher.

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